Setting Up Guitar Gear Garage

This page starts with showing how we got up and running and then we blog on… once in a ~blue moon~

We opened on September 1, 2017.  Making this new store took one brick at a time.  It still needs work in every aspect, though we are always improving our endevour

The store is located at 14154 Skyway Suite 1, Magalia, Ca (next to US Post Office). We are ~30 minutes from Chico, CA and ~15 minutes from Paradise.















Wow, it worked, I’m able to add/delete, ect stuff on this page! I had best coach thats why it worked, thanks John!


14154 Skyway Suite 1, Magalia Ca 95954



















This strap display stand was made by Original Fuzz straps. The company makes strong, flexible and comfy airline seatbelt straps at very affordable prices for what you get! We’ll offer a whole bunch of strap brands.



Magalia Guild Open Mic Sep 15th 7-10pm



Dog grooming in Suite 3



Guitar Gear Garage (GGG)



Friday September 1st and 2nd doors open 10 am till 9 pm. 

On Sept 1st live Music including at 6pm Da Hotpots!

Come out and enjoy their live performance at GGG Grand Opening Nite, anytime they are playing their live gigs and anytime on Facebook:


On Sept 2nd live Music including at 6pm Chuck Hulsey and Friends!

Come out and enjoy Chuck and Friends live performance at GGG Grand Opening Saturday nite, anytime playing live gigs and take up music lessons with Chuck you can meet up with him Saturday nite and make the connection ask him for his telephone number. 

To reach Chuck call 530-591-3347

A purchase at GGG entitles entry into a drawing to win a Himalayan Salt Lamp. One drawing for one lamp on Sept 1st and new drawing for the other lamp on the 2nd! 





Cool John, tanks, …using camera instead of cell cam did the trick… I’ve retaken and replaced bunch those small pics.

FYI- The three below performances from Chuck, Emiko and Steven I am still working on trying to convert files to acceptable format for this site… So far no dice though, but I’ll continue to try… I bet though I need to purchase some type of software to do it as the free one I tried doesn’t seem to work. Sorry for this-

08/19/17 GGG pre-opening featuring Chuck Hulsey here performing the Beatles “I’m So Tired”:

08/19/17 GGG pre-opening featuring Emiko Wilson here performing “Stairway to Heaven”.

08/20/17 GGG pre-opening featuring Steve Brossard performing his original “Angelena Medley”:


8/22/17… still trying to get these three above vids to load here, but still no ‘dice.


Video test (vid taken w/ camera instead of cell phone lets see if it loads right here):… I’ve found vid taken w/ camera came out “AVI” and it too won’t load on this BLOG … well, I wonder what works anyhow to do it… back to drawing board.


Never did get those vids figured out… well, I got em’ saved on my hard drive so if I ever do figure out I’ll put em’ up on this site.


9/1/17: a great Grand Opening with Da Hotpots they arrived right as scheduled and played their hearts out right till closing time for 3 solid hours! Those guys are so good together! Many guests arrived all with warm heartfelt encouragement for GGG. Some comments were Magalia is for the better with such a music shop, the prices are reasonable, and the shop has a nice warm feeling. We learned allot from our guests and we for certain to apply those teachings to the running of GGG. We thank everyone encouraging and supporting us from bottom of our hearts. We very much appreciate all those coming to the event on 9/1 and also all those who couldn’t make it, but who just as well fully been supporting us in this enterprise.


We kept so busy all day and we didn’t even think of taking pics… But please checkout this site’s Product page are pics of the shop taken from the early part of the day right after doing the initial final set up.


Regards to the drawing:  Chad won the drawing and got a brand new Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp. To honorably mention is Dustin was  the fourth customer on 9/1 and he received a free Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp (outta the box slightly used on day one of GGG).  A new drawing held for the other new in box lamp on the 2nd! 

9/2/17:  Alexander won the drawing and gets a brand new Himalayan Natural Salt Lamp.




































Here is GGG mascot (we hope the preying mantis sticks around for as long as wants…):





At Magalia Guild on 9/8/17 here is Steve Brossard of Da Hotpots and the ‘axe he made and named “Angelena”.


Happy New Year 2018!














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