01/27/19: We still ‘plugn along things take longer than expected sometimes, but we are not disuaded we will always aspire to complete the mission, which is to bring music to all life.

This is our progress thus far (& not pictured, but our laboratory is all squared away ha ha):

Nice fresh paint “No VOC”! New (…well updated) instrument and microphone display board.


Cool book here not just for the cover …although adorable the lads around the time of their blossoming! The book not for sale, but feel free to visit GGG & ck it out!


Yep, a very short n sweet thorough printing on the subject:


01/09/19: We put out a Facebook (& short Twitter) on the following- Free to a ‘Ridge guitarist!!! We have a used left handed “2005 Cort Earth 100 F“ acoustic guitar with Fishman pre-amp setup. It was donated to us by an awesome person who lives near the coast. We do need to repair the Fishman’s battery cable connector and re-glue the pick guard (the pick guard coming unglued & I’ve checked the pre-amp and it works fine …just one battery connector is broke). Once we fix these two things up we will no doubt consider this guitar to be without any issues & to be such caliber that even a ‘working musician can perform with it. If you or anyone you know of is from the ‘Ridge/impacted by the Camp Fire, please contact GGG. We’d like to hear the person play this guitar jus-a-lil for us. As long as they are a guitarist, we will donate it.

01/06/19: Chuggin’ along we are striving to reopen soon as possible. The faux-brick two panels in picture will have the packs of strings for guitar and other stringed instruments we carry. After this long weekend of remodeling we wanted see at end of the day how some groovy lighting ‘sets the stage.

01/05/19: Just before Christmas (2018) a customer made us aware of a adolescent child staying in a local shelter due to Camp Fire. Childs mother asked the boy what he needs & child said a guitar. We had what we think was just about the right guitar so we set it up & put on new strings, donated it before Christmas. We wanna say ‘play on young lad, play on…


01/01/19: GGG has been open since 09/01/17. All along it has been a struggle to develop a decent customer base. If it wasn’t for the love of music GGG would have surely closed its doors indefinitely. All along it has been a challenge with supplying and manning the shop where only a few customers entered the doors when it was open. Our ‘hats are off to those that have supported our shop through thier purchases. So for the love of music we continue to remodel GGG. The paint has dried and we roughly set up the shop and we will continue to set up to reopening. See pictures below from today.
Please stay tune for the Grand Reopening date soon to announce. When we do open please stop by and buy a guitar pick, a guitar amp, a guitar or any of our guitar and other music instruments or gear or music related merchandise. Thanks a bunch!

12/31/18: Time For Renewal…
On 11/08/2018 the devastating fires in Butte County California named “Camp Fire” ravaged around GGG. We we fortunate that the fires ‘grip didn’t squeeze the building to pulp. Faced with the dilemma of great loss of potential customers or closing shop we decided to ‘keep on keeping on. Well, albeit that GGG is practically speaking —-only a hobby versus a viable businesswe, we will not let that deter us. There’s always at least ‘two sides to everything so we will dwell on the possibility of business picking up at some point making it not just a “hobby”. We are now remodeling with plans to reopen very soon after this new year.

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